Another netizen reveals testimony she was abandoned by her celebrity boyfriend L who got her pregnant and fled overseas


Another netizen reveals testimony she was abandoned by her celebrity boyfriend L who got her pregnant and fled overseas

Article: "There are even more bastards than famous celebrity K"

Source: Pann

Hi, I ask for your understanding for riding the recent trending news about a famous actor. I'm writing this post to inform the public that there are even more trash bastards in the entertainment industry than famous celebrity K who trending in the rankings.

Six years ago, I was in a relationship with my boyfriend L and got pregnant after taking wrong birth control. As a college student, it would've been hard to raise the child at such a young age and didn't have money to do abortion which I couldn't do at the time because it was illegal and I would've needed a guardian/boyfriend to accompany me. As as soon as my boyfriend found out I was pregnant, he cut off contact.

I remember his words at the time boasting that he had a cousin as a famous announcer J who had just been promoted at broadcasting company K. I was able to get his katalk ID from a colleague of mine that was his junior and sent him a message and told him I couldn't contact my boyfriend. I explained the situation and begged for his help because I was running out of time but announcer J sat on the sidelines as a bystander due to legal implications. 

I was able find L's brother-in-law H's IG account who was a singer in Japan and sent him a message. I explained the situation and asked for his help too because I was running out time but I never heard back from him either. 

In the end, L never contacted me until this day. I remember being in shock and was devastated after I heard that he was leaving for planned studies in France at the time. I felt sorry for the baby but I couldn't raise it on my own so I urgently borrowed money from acquaintances and asked a friend to stand in as my boyfriend. After the incident I had to receive psychiatric and outpatient treatment because of the huge shock. Even until today, I'm unable to live my daily life without medication. 

As time went by, I accidentally found out L got married around last year and found out about L's wife's IG account. I was still living with the pain so I was so angry that he was living well. I contacted his wife to reveal everything that happened in the past. She said she would pay for the cost of the surgery if I had hospital records and proofs to confirm I got the abortion. I told her I just wanted a sincere apology from him for cutting off contact but she kept pushing depositing the entire surgery fee to my account. 

Until now, I have yet to receive a sincere apology from L. My body and mind are already broken so I want nothing more from him. I just wanted to hear a sincere apology from him for avoiding his responsibility by hiding behind his family for 6 years. 

  1. [+386, -9] No, did anyone read the article first before writing a comment? She's saying she tried to contact him and went as far as reaching out to the people around him but they all turned their backs. Why is everyone dragging and cursing her for the "bystander" comment. Is she supposed to deal with a pregnancy on her own when it takes two?? Really sick and tired of seeing the double standards on women. 
  2. [+370, -1] Let's take this opportunity and expose all the dirty ba$tard trash men in the entertainment industry ~ ㅡㅡ
  3. [+366, -11] Wow, how can that boyfriend's family be so trash??! If get a call like that about my dongsaeng or family member, I'll make sure to get in contact with him to reach out to her. His family is not that simple either..
  4. [+213, -0] Just like the school bullying, I hope all these dirty bastards are outed one after the otherㅋㅋㅋㅋ. The entertainment industry is really getting a shake up this year ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  5. [+200, -1] Let's open up the flood gates of hell for all dirty celebrities and athletes ㅋㅋㅋ. This is just the beginning. 
  6. [+147, -2] Wow...I really hope this becomes the #MeToo of the entertainment industry. I just can't stand seeing celebrities that ruined lives living well. I'm so sick of it! We need to stop being disillusioned by celebrity images.
  7. [+88, -103] Saying he's a bystander is a bit..ㅋㅋ's not like that's his real brother, he's just a cousin. 
  8. [+25, -0] The wife's responseㅋㅋㅋ daebak..

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