BTS V & Jennie's leaked pictures: Photo of V's "hot embrace" of Jennie goes viral, V rumored to have met Jennie's mother? How do K-netizens react?

BTS V & Jennie's leaked pictures: V's "hot embrace" of Jennie goes viral, V rumored to have met Jennie's mother? How do K-netizens react?

BTS V and BLACKPINK Jennie's "kissing" pictures have been leaked.

On the 2nd, a photo of a man kissing the forehead of a woman who looks like Jennie is circulating in online communities and social media. The exposer who leaked their pictures had previously predicted the leak stating that "there is a photo of the two kissing on the forehead."

In another photo, V is seen smiling brightly in a video call with a woman wearing a comfortable outfit.

Leaked photo of BTS V's
(Photo : Online Community)
Leaked photo of BTS V's "hot embrace" of Jennie goes viral

Another photo that went viral on the same day shows a woman (Jennie) hugging a man's arms and he's holding her hand affectionately from behind in a 'hot embrace.'

Leaked photo of BTS V's
(Photo : Online Community)
Leaked photo of BTS V's "hot embrace" of Jennie goes viral

Another photo that's causing a stir, shows a man, presumed to be V, laying down on a sofa in the living room. Although the man's face is not clearly exposed, netizens speculated it was V based on his slightly exposed eyes and jawline.

Leaked photo of BTS V's
(Photo : Online Community)
Leaked photo of BTS V's "hot embrace" of Jennie goes viral

The cat next to V is Jennie's mother's cat, leading to suspicions that the two are enjoying a date at their home. Jennie had previously posted a picture of herself with the cat on IG.

Leaked photo of BTS V's
(Photo : Jennie's Instagram)
Leaked photo of BTS V's "hot embrace" of Jennie goes viral

Netizen shared reactions writing, "I think the two are really close.." "Looks like V met Jennie's mother?"

Meanwhile, Big Hit and YG Entertainment are remaining 'silent' and have yet to make a statement.

SR: Daily Naver Blog

Korean netizens comments:

Source: TV Chosun via Naver

1. [+886, -104] This the group that can date around but don't want to serve in the army?

2. [+478, -16] Just leave them alone, let them date if they want

3. [+267, -11] Shouldn't we be focusing on catching the hacker right now?? Isn't the media complying with a crime by moving it straight to the headlines like this?

4. [+217, -24] I bet they want army exemptions so they can go around dating like this

5. [+115, -8] The entertainment industry is just one big animal kingdom

6. [+82, -3] They may be celebrities who live in the public eye... but there's no reason to be leaking their private data like this. Just leave them alone~ They only get to live out their twenties once, why not let them date? Why dig so deep into someone's life and steal their private photos like this ㅜㅜ this is probably crueler than going into their home and emptying out their safe

7. [+61, -9] It is not a crime to be in a relationship while young and beautiful... They are rich and have done enough for our country. Let them date happily.

8. [+47, -3] It's not like they're married to others or cheating on other people. They're just like any normal people in love so enough with the fuss and let them be~

9. [+42, -1] V-ssi, your nation is calling you!!! Hurry and report to the Nonsan training center gogogo

10. [+35, -0] So they must be dating, what are we to do about that? What's worse here is that their private data is being leaked.


SourceInsight via Instagram

1. [+203 Let them date ㅡㅡ what's so wrong about two young and beautiful people in love...

2. [+83] I do not want to see any kissing pictures... just leave them alone...

3. [+40] ㅡㅡ How tiring it must be for them. They just want to date quietly but no one will leave them alone. I feel bad for them at times like this... they may be rich and famous but they can't even date the person they love comfortably. What an exhausting life.

4. [+19] The hacker must've been paid more than what they're asking for?

5. [+27] They are not committing an affair or any crime.. leave them be

Source: Issue Feed via Instagram

1. [+377] Please leave Jennie alone ㅠㅠ I can't imagine how difficult and scary this must all be for her.. ㅠ I just wish her good health. She wouldn't show such a weak side unless it was really getting to her ㅠ I hope this all gets resolved soon ㅜ I don't know what's happening but I'm most worried for her health ㅠㅠ Blinks are always by your side, don't forget that! Find strength!! ㅠㅠ

2. [+222] Please just leave Jennie and V alone ㅜㅠㅠ I just hope both of them are looking out for their health

3. [+393] Please stop torturing Jennie and V ㅠㅠ does the hacker really think we'll criticize them just for dating or getting married? They are young and beautiful people in love... we all just want the best for their happiness..

4. [+236] People are animals in the end, and the moment someone steps into our private territory without our consent, we're made to feel fear and depression because our safety is infringed upon. I just want Jennie and V to feel comfortable. Find strength. They may be richer and more famous than me but I want them to find comfort.

5. [+99] I'm amazed that she's still able to smile for her fans amidst a situation like this

6. [+108] Let's hurry up and catch the criminal so they can be thrown behind bars. As for Jennie and V, keep loving~~~♡

7. [+44] If they are truly dating, I hope V is consoling Jennie and giving her lots of love right now~ I hope that they build a love that can be a pillar for their hardships~

8. [+83] All of this is just crossing the line, for real

9. [+50] Jennie's going to get a mental illness at this rate... she's suffering enough, please just stop. You can tell from the airport clips that she looks physically and mentally exhausted. Whatever the case, their private lives should be off limits. Jennie, please return to health! ㅠㅠ

10. [+36] Imagine just being in love and then having your data hacked just for being a celebrity... They are humans just like the rest of us, who also feel the desire to take memories of their love through photos. 

What are your thoughts on V and Jennie remaining silent on their dating rumors? 33% an official statement is needed vs 67% it's just a rumor/they're entitled to their private life

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