V ♥ Jennie couple photo: is it the result of hacking damage? Pink two-shot after dating rumor storm

BTS V (Kim Tae-hyung, 27) and group BLACKPINK Jenny (Kim Jennie, 26)

While BTS V (Kim Tae-hyung, 27) and group BLACKPINK Jenny (Kim Jennie, 26) are engulfed in pink dating rumors due to the spread of personal photos that are supposed to be two people, this photo is a crime. There were also claims of involvement.

V and Jenny got caught up in dating rumors after several dating photos of a man and a woman who looked like two people were leaked through online communities and SNS.

A person claiming to have circulated this photo said, "Jenny really likes to share her own photos. A, isn't it?" Is it just a friend, or more?"

Some view the possibility that the photos of V and Jennie were leaked through hacking. Seeing that the hacker mentioned A, who is Jenny's acquaintance, it is speculated that Jenny shared the picture with A, and that the hacker hacked A's account, not V or Jenny.

However, it has not been confirmed whether the main characters in this photo are actually V or Jennie, so it is impossible to confirm whether the two were damaged by hackers. This is because, if you have suffered hacking damage, the people in the photo must also be V and Jennie.

V and Jenny are suffering as a number of photos of a man and a woman who appear to be two people enjoying a date spread several times.

In May, a photo of a man and a woman driving on Jeju Island, presumed to be two people, was released, and on the 23rd, a woman who looked like V as Jennie, who was about to depart for France, was affectionately filming with a cell phone. In addition, on the 25th, the appearance of two people taking a mirror selfie in a space that looked similar to V's home drew attention.

Both V and Jenny are keeping their mouths shut about these dating rumors. Amidst the rumors of a love affair, V went to New York for a photo shoot and Jenny went to New York for the 'MTV Video Music Awards' stage.

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