'Love Catcher' Chae-woon Lee ♥ Ji-yeon Kim, became a real couple... On a pink date

'Love Catcher' Chae-woon Lee ♥ Ji-yeon Kim, became a real couple... On a pink date

Chae-woon Lee (32) and Ji-yeon Kim (25) achieved an unfulfilled love on Mnet's 'Love Catcher'.

According to a report on Spotify News on the 9th, Lee Chae-woon and Kim Ji-yeon, who appeared on Mnet's dating reality show 'Love Catcher', are currently developing a beautiful love.

They usually visit restaurants and pretty cafes, and they enjoy dating like any other couple, such as taking a walk in the park. According to the insiders, Lee Chae-woon takes care of her 7-year-old lover, Kim Ji-yeon.

Lee Chae-woon and Kim Ji-yeon, who formed a relationship through Mnet's love reality program 'Love Catcher' in 2018, received support from many viewers with their pink air at the time of the broadcast. In particular, the scene where the two of them made a tart together is still considered a masterpiece. The MCs also watched the scene and admired, "Looks like newlyweds" and "I didn't know they were such a wonderful person."

However, unfortunately, it was not made as the final couple. Nevertheless, even after the program ended, the two continued to be friends as they became brothers and sisters. It was confirmed that the two, who had been watching each other for a long time and building trust, recently became lovers, about three years after the broadcast ended.

Chae-woon Lee and Ji-yeon Kim are currently meeting beautifully while receiving congratulations from people around them. The quick-witted fans seem to have sensed their devotees on their SNS. In addition, the production team of 'Love Catcher' is amazed at the relationship between the two.

Especially in 'Love Catcher', there are a lot of actors who continue to connect even after the broadcast ends. Season 2 actors Song Sera and Park Jung-jin are still getting support from many people for their love affair. Last year, he even revealed his thoughts on marriage through YouTube. Following this, attention is paid to whether Lee Chae-woon and Kim Ji-yeon will be able to form the relationship that has been connected since the end of the broadcast as a result of love.

'Love Catcher' is a romantic reality program that hides the truth from lies. Season 1 ended in August 2018, and season 2 ended in October 2019. Chaewoon Lee is an advertising planner and brand director. Jiyeon Kim graduated from Hanyang University's Department of Korean Dance and signed an exclusive contract with Wimpim Entertainment in 2019, but is currently working alone.

'Love Catcher' Chae-woon Lee ♥ Ji-yeon Kim, became a real couple... On a pink date

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