Dispatch exposes text conversations between Kwon Mina and AOA


Dispatch exposes text conversations between Kwon Mina and AOA

Article: Kwon Mina's texts of threat to Jimin "I found a knife, you have to come beat me up now XX"

Source: Chosun via Naver

1. [+1,750, -9] I don't want to see news about this person anymore

2. [+531, -18] I don't want to leave comments on her articles but as a father myself, I'd like to say one thing and it's that she needs to get off of SNS and start reflecting on herself. Doing anything excessively is worth no more than not doing it at all. The truth will always be revealed even if you're not the one to verbalize it.

3. [+549, -51] I always assumed Kwon Mina left the team because she was bullied by the other members but seeing the way she's been acting lately makes me feel sure that the problem lies with herself. If you look at all that's been revealed on SNS so far, Mina's the one who antagonized Jimin first by swearing at her and picking fights. With all her problems with her boyfriends and being recently caught smoking at a no-smoking zone in a hotel, she seems ill-adjusted to society. They all need to stop fighting and make up. Kwon Mina needs to stop with this victim cosplay and get a new start for her life.

4. [+69, -0] Stop comparing her to Sulli!!! Why are people constantly comparing her to Sulli!?? At least Sulli never affected others with her actions, and she never cosplayed as the victim or put on acts like this to seem like one! 

5. [+74, -4] You can tell from this conversation that Jimin as the leader wasn't hard on Mina for no reason:

Choa: But there's also that thing where you're really sensitive. Whenever I say something to you, you don't listen.

Mina: Yeah, you're right.

Choa: You're the type to plug your eyes.

Mina: Yeah, you're right. I'm trying to fix that.

Choa: So I'll be slightly honest and say that I gave up on you a bit thinking 'ah, she doesn't listen.' But whenever Jimin would say something, you'd follow along so I think I just thought that was the right way to go about things.



1. [+957, -26] AOA must've had such a hard time

2. [+471, -24] What I've learned from the Dispatch expose is that Choa is very mature, Seolhyun is more innocent than I thought, and Jimin may have a temper but she's within the boundaries of what's considered normal. I actually think it's unfair to chalk Mina up to mental illness because you can actually see the sly way she turned the gears in her head to get her way. At the time, AOA was back in the spotlight with 'Queendom' and now I'm thinking Mina felt jealous that a group she was so sure was flopping was now suddenly climbing back up after she left. It was also a time when #metoo and school bullying scandals were popping up so she blindly went ahead with a victim cosplay to turn the media on her side.

3. [+384, -31] So all this time, Jimin was just doing her part as the leader by pulling along a kid with her head in the clouds

4. [+334, -0] Who does Mina think she is to make her manager phone in appointments for her mother's dentist?

5. [+179, -8] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ So Jimin was basically bitten by a dog she's been trying to train all this time... and she can't even run away anymore, Mina just won't let go of her...



1. [+736, -24] I felt bad for her at first but now I don't understand why she's like this at all. She's such a pathetic human being.

2. [+465, -36] Mina's terrible. Even when Jimin and the other members approached her to apologize, she accepted it and ended everything amicably only to turn around and media play as the victim. You can tell she's crazy just by the way she uploaded pictures of herself smoking in a hotel with a man. Please just live your life quietly.

3. [+249, -10] Just a kid full of victim delusions...

4. [+62, -2] Always exhausting having a kid like her in your friend group. Victim delusions, victim cosplay... always acting up whenever the attention's not on her.

5. [+55, -8] I feel bad for Jimin and the AOA members... they worked so hard to become celebrities and just when they were about to see the spotlight, some crazy girl brought it all down;; I hope they can have another comeback again..


SourceWikitree via Instagram

1. [+489] Anyone who's taking Kwon Mina's side in the comments basically hasn't read the Dispatch report ㅋㅋㅋ Did you not see the way she was abusing her power over her staff and manager?

2. [+437] They're both no different to me

3. [+214] Sick and tired of this. Kwon Mina-ssi is not normal 😱 She acts all pitiful up front but it seems like Jimin was bitten bad by her. Please get off of SNS and go get some mental health help..

4. [+307] Wow, people really still believe what Kwon Mina said and think Jimin bullied her????? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Did you all not learn how to read??? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Did you guys not see the way she was lying about her nurse to try and cosplay as the victim?? There are multiple instances of her lying. Jimin did not torture Mina. Mina was the one who refused to communicate right before a comeback and skipped all the rehearsals to get her hair done, causing their comeback date to get canceled. Jimin reprimanded her for that and Mina lied calling it abuse... You can tell from the texts revealed that they had a fine relationship before that but their relationship soured after Mina disappeared for hair appointments and got yelled at for ruining their comeback. Mina even admitted to calling out Jimin in particular because she was suffering from a lack of work after leaving AOA and she basically wanted to drag Jimin down with her. Not to mention the time when Kwon Mina called her hospital over and over about the tone of her nurse who spoke to her, causing that nurse to quit. Then when she got caught cheating, Mina also lied about how the ex-girlfriend's father made death threats to her which turned out to be a lie. Why do people still believe her that Jimin bullied her??? Mina has lied in over 8 different instances in the past year along with multiple self-harm and suicide threats.

5. [+33] I always assumed the AOA members were satan but when you actually live life and experience different people, it's the types like Mina who are the most exhausting

6. [+25] Jimin is actually kind

7. [+23] Hul.. is this the second T-ara scandal

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