BTOB's Ilhoon found to have used 'habitual drugs' with virtual money and escaped to military to avoid investigation

BTOB's Ilhoon found to have steadily abused drugs for 4 years and escaped to military to avoid investigation

 Article: BTOB's Jung Il-hoon steadily abused drugs for 4 years...used cryptocurrency to evade investigation

Source: 10Asia

BTOB's Ihoon has been charged with routine drug use. 

On the 21st, Channel A reported that Ilhoon regularly took drugs and used virtual currency to avoid investigation. According to the report, Ilhoon used drugs several times with acquaintances from 4-5 years to last year. At the beginning of this year, police investigated him for drug abuse and a drug substance was detected in his hair. 

Police also investigated his purchase method noting that Ilhoon deposited money into a third party account that the broker exchanged to virtual currency to purchase the drugs to maintain anonymity and avoid tracking.

Ilhoon also enlisted in the military on May 28 despite a police investigation being underway and the investigation continued to the beginning of this year and he was forwarded to the prosecution in July.

In response to the accusations, CUBE stated "that they didn't know Ilhoon was caught with drugs when he planned to enlist in March but ended up being delayed due to the corona." 

In the meantime, Ilhoon has been steadily communicating with fans through selcas on Instagram so the fans are currently in shock.

10Asia reached out to Cube to confirm the facts but they were not able to reach them. 

SourceChannel A
  1. [+5,130, -36] Ah..BTOB is a group that was doing well without any scandals and now he has completely shattered it. The group's image is going to take a huge hit because of him.
  2. [+2,501, -31] Habitual drug use for over 5 years...hul that's a bit..
  3. [+1,296, -31] Ilhoon-ah, is that why you've been so quiet this year? Fans kept writing asking if he was alive and doing well and thinking no news meant it was good news but it turns out you were hiding because you got caught smoking marijuana..this is shocking. I trusted and waited for you thinking you'd come out with Sunjae and Hyunsik-ah with a warm song but our hopes for a group comeback are now shattered.
  4. [+1,162, -102] Aigoo-ya, Ilhoon-nni...couldn't you have waiting until you were over 70?
  5. [+506, -28] Ah honestly I was so in love with 7toB and BTOB especially liked Ilhoon's 'She's Gone...just liked all of it...Why are you doin this? I'm seriosly so pissed ㅠㅠ.
  6. [+391, -15] Why are celebrities trying to relieve their stress with illegal's a pity. I have no intention of shielding him for doing something illegal. You deserve punishment for your crimes.
  7. [+402, -53] Is this for real? ㅋㅋㅋ I'm seriously in shock because its B2B. They're kids that would never cause a scandal like this ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.
  8. [+303, -13] I'd rather it was a dating scandal than this...he straight up committed crimes from 4-5 years ago...he was basically a rookie then no?
  9. [+138, -2] I seriously didn't think a group like them with such a good image would be in a scandal like this...I'm still in shock.
  10. [+104, -2] I honestly don't believe in celebrity images anymore..
SourceAsia Economy
  1. [+110, -9] He did that for 4 years??? I'm so ashamed for being his #1 fan. I don't think I can hear him sing and rap anymore...I've been Melody for 5 years but it looks like he's getting a big head.
  2. [+99, -2] 5 he's a habitual criminal. I'm sure the members all knew about it.
  3. [+39, -0] Ah~BTOB is on the way down too. Make you you investigate all his acquaintances because there's no way he's the only celebrity that did it on his own.
  4. [+25, -0] Celebrity drug criminals should only get one strike out. The adverse effects on our youth and society from their actions is gravely serious. 
  5. [+21, -0] Goodbye druggie~
  6. [+8, -8] Whenever a celebrity drug scandal comes out I wonder what politician scandal is getting buried in the back. Everyone knows Koreans that travel abroad abuse marijuana...he's just unlucky to have been caught doing it in Korea ..ㅠㅠ
  7. [+5, -0] This is his first news after enlisting in the army...ah so embarrassing.

 Article: [Exclusive] BtoB's Jung Ilhoon found to have used 'habitual drugs' with virtual money

Source: Channel A via Naver

1. [+4,645, -34] BtoB is a group that has been doing fine without any scandals and now he's completely shattered it... The group's image is going to take a huge hit because of Jung Ilhoon..

2. [+2,199, -30] Habitual drug use over 5 years.. that's a bit...

3. [+1,098, -26] Ilhoon-ah... is that why you were so quiet this year too? Fans kept asking you to update us with anything to show that you were still alive but you stayed quiet so we just kept waiting, hoping that no news meant good news. Instead, you were hiding all this time because you were caught smoking marijuana. This is so shocking. I was trusting you all this time, waiting for you while thinking that Sungjae, you, and Hyunshik would come back and the group could be together again and comeback with a warm new song. Now all of our hopes of a group comeback is shattered, let alone any type of promotion at all.

4. [+1,026, -96] Aigoo, Ilhoon-ah... couldn't this have waited till you were older?

5. [+477, -24] I'm going to go crazy. I'm seriously so in love with 7ToB and BtoB, Jung Ilhoon's 'She's Gone'.. just all of it... why are you doing this? I'm so angry ㅠㅠ

6. [+366, -15] Why do celebrities keep trying to relieve their stress through illegal drugs? This is unfortunate. I have no intention of defending him. He deserves what he gets.

7. [+377, -48] Is this for real? ㅋㅋㅋ I can't believe it because he's BtoB ㅋㅋㅋ these are kids who have never caused a scandal like this

8. [+277, -11] A dating scandal would've been better than this but he straight up commits a crime. If it's been going on for 4-5 years, that means it's been since his rookie days, no?...

9. [+238, -14] The members' images have shattered because of you ㅜㅜ whether it's true or not, your name is on the chopping block and now everyone will think of BtoB, the kind, talented group that has never caused one scandal, as a problematic group...

10. [+189, -2] I've noticed that people defend marijuana use saying that it's legal in a lot of countries and that a lot of people smoke it... but you should go be an idol in those countries then. Go smoke it all you want over there. If you want to work and make money in a country where it's illegal, then you don't get to be selfish. I'm a fan too but let's please not defend our singers like this. Let's wait until an official statement is out. There are a number of suspicious on my end from the timing of this scandal to how he was able to hide it for 5 years and finally the truth.


1. [+501, -2] We need a full fledged investigation in the entertainment industry

2. [+174, -9] Ilhoon-ah, you knew you weren't supposed to do this... I've been reading articles one after the other hoping that this is all false..

3. [+147, -7] He was investigated in May and passed to the prosecutors in July so why now? What is the media trying to hide?

4. [+94, -1] BtoB's image never seemed like the type to do something like this, I feel betrayed by him, almost..

5. [+54, -3] Jung Ilhoon stopped living in their dorm a while ago. Eunkwang, Sungjae, Changseob, and Hyunshik lived together for a bit longer before living separately. I doubt Ilhoon went around bringing marijuana to his schedules and he didn't live with them so I doubt the other members or their agency had any idea.

6. [+49, -2] Ah, I knew the news would confirm it eventually but I was praying just a few hours ago that this was all wrong, that there was a misunderstanding. What's going on.. If this is true, what about the Melodies hwo have quietly supported you on all these years? We came all this way with our trust in you, what does that make us... I hope that the other innocent members, the other Melodies, aren't hurt by all of this..

7. [+71, -27] I'm crying, what do we do

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