Actor Lee Jae-won becomes a father after three years of marriage

Actor Lee Jae-won 

Lee Jae-won's wife is pregnant and is currently in her 17th week. His wife is expecting a baby this year. Lee Jae-won, who married in October 2017, will become a father about three years after he got married.

In 2017, Lee Jae-won signed a 100-year-old marriage with his three-year younger girlfriend, whom he dated for nine years. He has been with her since she was a rookie and continued dating when she served in the military. We spent a long time together to build trust in each other and to get married.

Lee Jae-won debuted in 2008 with the film "Kang Chul-joong." He left a strong impression as a lawyer on JTBC's "Can We Marry?" He performed enthusiastically in "The Sun of the Lord," "Doctor Stranger," "Spring Day of My Life," "Kill It" and "VIP." He has also been active in films such as "The Man from Nowhere," "Going to the End," and tvN's drama stage, "I Have a Witch."

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