TS Entertainment Denies Sleepy's Accusation, Threatening and Banning Use of Carnival Cars as Lie

TS Entertainment, which is in a legal dispute with the rapper Sleepy, expressed concern about the suspicion that the company's chief threatened Sleepy and their artist could not use the carnival vehicle.
A senior member of TS Entertainment told YTN Star on September 26th, "We have several carnival cars and there is one assigned for Sleepy. However, he used SM6 instead of the given one with his manager's help. The message that was released to the media was also recorded by this manager." 
At the time, the head of the company was engaged with his mother's funeral. He went to the funeral with the carnival car after he talked to Sleepy. The conversation between two via KakaoTalk was also released. 
The staff said, "The chief of the company took two days for the funeral. He thought that Sleepy's manager was unclear about the car usage and called him directly." "However, It was Sleepy who made the chief furious and speak emotionally." Afterwards, Sleepy and his manager used the SM6 for two days without changing the car.
The staff knew that Sleepy was not supposed to pay for the total cost of carnival rental. In January, the company's general manager said, "Sungwon (Sleepy) is not responsible for all of the bill, but the amount of money included in the bill is about 500,000 won, and his part is about 200,000 won."

A few days before this, Sleepy sent proof to the company. The staff said, "He could use several carnivals but did not use them. He used SM6 instead. I can not think of other reasons why he didn't use carnival cars except that he was already considering a lawsuit. 
Lastly, after Sleepy caused trouble, two managers also left the company. 
In the messenger in February, the manager in charge wrote, "Mr. A has decided to go to work there from March 1st," and Sleepy responds, "Good good." This tells that managers and Sleepy were very close.
Meanwhile, Rapper Sleepy, a former member of TS Entertainment, filed an application for suspension of the exclusive contract against his agency last May, and both sides agreed to break up, accepting the court's mediation. However, Sleepy filed a claim for damages against TS and TS Entertainment is also preparing to file a claim.

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