The Truth About Yoon Seo Bin's School Violence Revealed, He Is Innocent?

Hello, this is Yoon Seobin's gallery.

Yoon Seobin did smoke and drink while underage but he never committed school violence.
This post is not to defend Yoon Seobin's past. Minors smoking cigarettes and drinking is a mistake and he should reflect. But now, the public is viewing Yoo Seobin as someone who was violent in school, and the issue has been exaggerated. So we are writing to clarify the rumors surrounding his school violence rumors

1. The articles that exposed him
At first, there were two posts that caused the scandal to blow up

The first one is from Naver Cafe. This post was taken down within 24 hours. The article did not explain the school violence clearly and it was very one-sided. There were a lot of triggering words like "he was an iljin ever since middle school", etc.

The second post was posted on DC Inside. The user with the same IP address also wrote many posts on DC Inside's sections on baseball and Produce X 101.

The post talked about how a 'school violence committee' was formed because of Yoon Seobin in middle school. It was even written that parents had to come and he had to apologize to them.

These two posts were spread and the public started seeing Yoon Seobin as a violent character.
However, the writer of these posts used words like '-deonde' and '-deora' which are usually used to describe uncertain events.

2. Testimony of the sports coach

"I wasn't very close with Byungwhi (Seobin's previous name) (...) he was not the type of kid to hit and harm others. (...) Seeing the posts that were uploaded, they are not true so I'm frustrated seeing how they were written as if they were the truth."

Yoon Seobin was in the rugby team during his 2nd and 3rd year of middle school.
(Picture of Yoon Seobin and his coach)
Even after that, testimonies of his acquaintances and fellow alumni continued to emerge.
We thought that with these 'positive clarifications', the rumors would disappear.

We were able to contact the people who were acquainted with him during his school days and so we are writing this post without exaggeration.
We have contacted his rugby teacher and confirmed the truth.
The below is our conversation with the rugby teacher.

- I will only stick to the facts. Byungwhi wasn't violence at our school.
- The stories saying how he was an iljin are ridiculous
- He was a pretty popular friend!!!
- I hope that you can help our Byungwhi
- Our Byungwhi was not affiliated with iljins from neither our school or from Gwangju
- Also, I think that having friends who like you and who doesn't like you at school is a normal thing
- Byungwhi wasn't someone who would associate himself with bad people

The post below was a call interview with his teacher
"Byungwhi wasn't violent in school"
"The Byungwhi we knew wasn't someone who would hang out with the iljins. He would even dress up as a woman and dance during school festivals. He was good at dancing and singing. Byungwhi was a mischievous kid."
"(Asking if it's ok to reveal his name) I was the one who taught Byungwhi so it doesn't matter."

Proof of the call with the rugby teacher

3. Testimonies from the alumnis

"He wasn't violent in school"
"Victims? There are no kids who were victims. It's the media and SNS who framed him like that."

We have also called someone from his school and we wanted to know about the atmosphere in the classrooms.
This is what the alumni shared.

- (About the school violence) this is seriously ridiculous
- What's with the "everyone in Gwanju knows about it"?
- He did have some rumors among other female students from other schools since he was handsome
- The thing about him being famous for being violent is false

Another testimony from someone who went to middle school with him
(Saying how he was popular among sunbaes and hoobaes so there are pictures of him like that + talking about helping kids who got hurt during gym class + definitely was not violent at school)

(Another chat with an alumni saying he wasn't violent)

Other testimonies from his acquaintances

4. Clarification about him withdrawing from school and the school book controversy
A. Withdrawal controversy
After his controversy, people were saying how he withdrew from school to change his name but it's not true.

"He quit school because of school violence?
He left because he got cast by SM during his 2nd year of high school"

Yoon Seobin was cast by SM and wasseen in 2017 at the EXO concert wearing a white mask.

B. The school book controversy

"Especially violent / Byungwhi-yah, stop harassing Jungmin-ie. He says that he doesn't want to live anymore."
Actually, Shin Jungmin was the class president and he was the one who wrote it. He also wrote the post below. He said himself that Yoon Seonbin was a very close friend of him.

"I wrote the line above because I'm close with Byungwhi and I wrote it as a joke."

Katalk chat:
Friend: Jungmin-ah, explain this
Jungmin: I was the one who wrote itㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Friend: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Jungmin-ah, reply

"Byungwhi was always smiling and worked hard.
I and my friends were supporting Byungwhi so this incident is unfortunate."

C. Name change controversy

There was an interview with Yoon Seobin after he was kicked out and he talked about his reason for dropping out of school (SM casting) and said that he doesn't have a record of school violence.
He also clarified that the reason for his name change was because he was preparing to become a celebrity.

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ㅇ3ㅇ |2019.05.15 19:13 신고하기
It's true that he should receive criticism for smoking and drinking ㅇㅇ but his school violence rumors weren't even confirmed but the people swearing at him as if they were confirmed were so severe and I acknowledge that. I felt like they were driving this kid to the corner to the point of no return

ㅇㅇ |2019.05.15 19:10 신고하기
It wasn't right to drink and smoke but the rumors about his school violence were just not right. The fact that it was the hot topics and how it blew up was out of proportionsㅠㅠ it even went on the news, what to do?ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

ㅇㅇ |2019.05.15 19:09 신고하기
I've seen many testimonies saying that he wasn't violent but I think that the controversy just blew out of proportions... Even his teachers had to speak up..

ㅇㅇ |2019.05.15 19:24 신고하기
His apology letter was such a shameㅠㅠ his mentality must have been all shattered but he had to put everything aside and still apologize

포뇨뇨 |2019.05.15 19:16 신고하기
The OP's analysis... it could be considered the "It Show'-level...

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