Kim Seon Ho confirmed as 'Actor K' who forced abortion, writes letter of apology over "thoughtless" actions


Kim Seon Ho confirmed as 'Actor K' who forced abortion, writes letter of apology over "thoughtless" actions

Article: 'Actor K' is Kim Seon-ho, "I hurt my ex...I sincerely apologize"

Source: Chosun Ilbo

Actor Kim Seon-ho (36) has been confirmed as 'Actor K' who forced abortion

On the 20th, his agency Salt Entertainment apologized for his 'abortion' scandal and stated, "We apologize for causing concern over our actor Kim Seon-ho's private life. We apologize to all who were disappointed and troubled by this issue."

Kim Seon-ho also apologized through his agency writing, "This is Kim Seon-ho. I sincerely apologize for this belated statement. I went through an experience of fear seeing my name mentioned on an article that was released a while ago, that's why I'm writing now. We met with good feelings. In that process, I hurt her with my negligence and thoughtless actions. I wanted to meet her and apologize in person but I'm not able to properly do that now so I'm waiting for that time to come." 

"I'm sorry for disappointing you. It's because of you who supported me that I was able to become actor Kim Seon-ho but I had forgotten that. I apologize for causing trouble to my co stars and staff who worked with me with my flaws. I'd like to sincerely apologize to everyone that was hurt."

"I know my rambling words won't be able to fully reach your hearts but I'm attempting to convey my sincere thoughts. I'm really sorry."

  1. [+7,827, -793] Goodbye.
  2. [+5,577, -496] It's admirable that he admitted to the truth at least. These days, a lot of people refuse to do even do that. 
  3. [+4,730, -273] Why do they always apologize only when a scandal breaks out? How can you properly apologize to someone you hurt if you wait until the scandal happens. Is that really a genuine apology?
  4. [+3,183, -143] So all the rumors turned out to be true, what a mess. 
  5. [+3,100 -985] He spent his 20s as a no-name actor hungry for fame. He finally hit the jackpot only to get killed off and dragged down like this ㅋㅋㅋ.
  6. [+2,836, -800] She has no shame either exposing his sex life and trivial personal life to the world just because the love came to an end. That was really petty of her..
  7. [+1,869, -821] I thought she was in her early 20s at first with how naive she sounded from her post but hearing that she's an older woman and a divorcee..? Her victim cosplay towards Kim Seon-ho must've been really strong.
  8. [+1,583, -418] It's because she had such low self-esteem that she was gas lighted to that level. If she was really worried about getting pregnant she would have stayed on birth control. Why quit after only 2 months? Because it got her sick? I don't understand it at all. She's not normal either seeing as she's from a chaebol family...and a divorcee..
  9. [+691, -112] It doesn't even feel like he attempted to clarify anything. He just admitted to all of it by saying "he's sorry"
  10. [+814, -113] Other male celebrities even did underage gang sexual assaults but are still actively promoting on TV. What did Kim Seon-ho do wrong? There are dirtier celebrities that deserve to get exiled off the industry more than him. 

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